8 blogs to help you cut back on sugar

April 13, 2017
Do you have a sugar addiction? Most people think they don’t.. until they think about it. Could you go a whole day without anything sweet? Probably not. When I was growing up, we had dessert every day. That probably doesn’t seem unusual, but when you realise how much sugar is in one slice of cheesecake, one portion of apple pie and custard or one chocolate eclair, you start to question whether it’s such a good idea. As a population addicted to sugar, we don’t read the labels or notice the colossal amount of sugar in the every day foods we eat. And SO many foods have sugar added to them: sauces, dips, crisps, bread, chips, as well as all the obvious suspects like chocolate, sweets and ice cream. But giving up sugar is hard! Trust me. I gave up sugar for Lent 2017 and believe me, it was a struggle at times, even though it was massively rewarding.

Completely quitting sugar isn’t the only option. Instead, you can slowly cut back until you’re consuming a level of sugar you’re happy with. Whether you’re going to cut out sugar or just cut back, you’re going to need to get some support and information, so I’ve made a list of 8 amazing blogs about sugar-free eating that have tips, recipes and a whole community of sugar-free geniuses to support you.


Happy Sugar Habits

Happy Sugar Habits is a blog started by Laura, sharing her story of going from “sugar slave to sugar-free to sugar sensible”. Her blog is great because it gives tips and advice on how to be sensible about the amount of sugar you consume, including reviewing specific brands for different products. Her website also has lots of low sugar recipes for those who just want to cut down on sugar, not necessarily cut it out.


I Quit Sugar

I Quit Sugar, a brand started by Sarah, is well known for its 8 week program, which promises to make you feel more energised in just 2 weeks. With videos, meal plans, an ebook and access to experts like doctors and nutritionists, the program has many success stories and testimonies from people who loved it. As well as the program, I Quit Sugar also has a blog with recipes and tips for quitting sugar for good, as well as articles on improving health.


Sugar-free Mom

Brenda is the brains behind the blog Sugar-free Mom. She tells her story of how she came to eating a sugar-free diet, sharing recipes online and in her cookbook. From breads to desserts to sauces, sugar-free mom has loads of recipes to get you started on a sugar-free lifestyle. The blog also runs a sugar detox plan for 6 weeks.


Simply Sugar & Gluten Free

Amy has been eating sugar and gluten-free for over a decade and she shares her expertise on her blog Simply Sugar & Gluten-free. Her website has loads of recipes for everyday eating and tips for how to improve your cooking. As well as this, the blog has a family section, featuring DIY projects and updates on her own family.


Spoonful of Sugar Free

Alex is a registered dietician and she shares recipes on her blog Spoonful of Sugar-free. She tells her story of being sensitive to sugar from a young age and uses her blog to help others identify their food sensitivities, as well as show people that eating healthy doesn’t mean eating bland, boring food.


Alison Smith

Alison Smith Ph.D. shares her story of living with Lyme disease on her website. She has many videos and recipes for sugar-free foods. Alison often uses stevia in her recipes, which is a low calorie sugar substitute sourced from the leaves of the stevia plant. This means her recipes are great for people who don’t want to completely give up sugar.


Desserts with Benefits

Jessica aims to prove that you can still satisfy your sweet-tooth while still eating healthily through her blog Desserts with Benefits. Having studied a nutritional science degree, Jessica shares loads of nutritionally balanced recipes for every dietary requirement on her blog, including low sugar and sugar-free recipes, meaning her website is great whether you’re completely giving up sugar, or simply reducing the amount of sugar you eat.


Mizz Marzipan

Marisa uploads recipes to her blog Miss Marzipan, with recipes for many dietary requirements, including reduced sugar, refined sugar-free and low fructose (which can be eaten on the I Quit Sugar program). Miss Marzipan has recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks, sauces and desserts.


So there you go: loads of amazing resources and people to help you improve your health. If you’re unsure, just trial it out for a day or a week and see how it goes. Trust me, you’ll love the benefits!

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