What it’s like being engaged at 19

April 3, 2017

So, I’m currently engaged. I’m 19, he’s 19, it’s a whole engaged at 19 situation. Preparing to get married is a very eye-opening experience. It makes you think a lot about the future and your goals and what you want your life to look like, which is quite intense no matter what age you are. I think your close friends and family also experience that self-reflection a little bit too and I think it freaked a few of our friends out. Our friends are all wonderful, lovely and amazing people, but they’re all between the ages of 18 and 21, so to suddenly be friends with an engaged couple is quite unusual. However, people generally reacted positively to us getting engaged. I know there are probably a few who think it won’t last or that we’re rushing things, but they’ve never said that to our face, so I’m not bothered by it. Once the initial shock of us getting engaged so young wore off, people adjusted to the fact that we’re getting married rather quickly, and started to get excited. One thing I’ve realised is that everyone expects to be invited to the wedding, even if they’re really not that close to us at all!

What is it like for us? It’s pretty normal. Sometimes we suddenly remember we’re getting married and feel really excited, but most the time, it just seems normal and natural that we’re engaged. I do feel slightly out of my depth with the planning, but then I think every bride feels that. The only times I’ve really realised how young we are is when I see other people preparing for marriage. In our church, there are a few engaged or recently married couples, and they’re all several years older than us. Looking at photographs of weddings where the bride and groom look around 25 makes me realise we might look like teenagers in our wedding photos. People who don’t already know we’re engaged are always surprised when they find out, and I have to answer the questions of why we’re getting married so young yet again. But none of that bothers me. I’ve never been the type to care about what other people think, and getting married is something we really want and that we know is right for us.

Being engaged is wonderful. It can be stressful with all the organising and planning you have to do, but it’s also full of love, hope and longing. It’s a time to build on your relationship and prepare for the next step, to build connections with your families and friends, and to focus on God and give thanks for the joy that comes from being in love.

  1. Hi Mattie! It’s great that you’re enjoying this time as an engaged woman! I wish you a blessed married life. Xx

  2. I got engaged at 20 -but didn’t get married till I was 28. This was lovely to read and I’m so happy for you both. xx

  3. That’s really great for you that you have found the one! I’m actually 19 myself and have been dating a wonderful guy for over a year now, but marriage now seems out of the picture! It’s great that it feels natural to you

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