7 tips to make your items sell on eBay

March 30, 2017

If you have things you don’t need or want (and let’s be honest – who doesn’t?), then you can get a nice profit selling them on eBay. From clothes to books to technology, eBay is a fast and easy way to make money and get rid of clutter at the same time. Here are 7 tips on how to make sure your items sell for the highest price possible.


1. Take good pictures

Making sure the buyer is clear on what they’re actually buying is essential. Fortunately, you don’t need a professional camera, just a smartphone will do. Try to take pictures in natural light and make sure they’re not blurry. Use a light background (preferably white) and ensure the photo accurately shows the colour of the item. If the item is branded, take a photo of the logo or brand to show that it is genuine.


2. Sell over a weekend

People have more free time on the weekends, so this is when eBay is busiest. Ensuring your auction spans over a weekend will mean more potential bidders see your item. Sunday evening is the prime time to end an auction as this is when buyers are most active, so you will need to choose the start and end times carefully.


3. Use descriptive titles

The title is important in persuading the viewer to click on your item. “red dress” is much less informative than “Women’s red topshop dress size 14”. When creating a listing, think about what words people will search for and try to use these keywords in the title. The best titles contain the following elements:


Usually only relevant to clothes and accessories.


Putting the brand of an item will attract more bidders, even if it’s just a high street brand name. Avoid misleading phrases such as “like Doc Martens”. It isn’t helpful to buyers and it means your listing is likely to show up in searches for Doc Martens and will be surrounded by genuine Doc Martens making your listing look worse.


Make sure it’s clear what you’re selling. There’s nothing more annoying than clicking on a listing for “Apple iPhone 5s” to realise it’s a phone case. For technology, it is good to include more detail, such as the exact model or storage, especially if there are multiple models of that item. For clothes, always include the size in the listing name. Colour and condition are also useful to include for clothes and accessories.


4. Include details

eBay often gives you the opportunity to add more fields of information. For clothing, you can add the pattern, neckline, material and more. Adding extra information lets the bidder know exactly what they’re buying and means they will be more satisfied with the product when it arrives.


5. Use eBay acronyms

There are several acronyms commonly used on eBay in titles and descriptions that immediately let the bidder know what condition the item is in. Including them allows the viewer to scan through listings faster and also gives the impression you know what you’re doing!

BNWT = brand new with tags

BNWOT = brand new without tags

BNIB = brand new in box

BN = brand new

EUC = excellent used condition

LN = like new

NBW = never been worn

VGC = very good condition


6. Write a helpful description

The description part of a listing is designed to convey more information about the item. You should include important information from the title as well as the items condition and what exactly is included if there are several items being sold. You should include information about any defects or problems in the description, which should also be shown by the pictures. The description should be written clearly with good punctuation. Don’t include multiple fonts or colours, it just looks unprofessional and makes it harder to read.


7. Set a low starting price

Setting a low starting price attracts bargain hunters, leading to more bids. eBay often gives suggestions for the starting price based on what similar items have sold for. Choosing a starting price at the lower end of eBay’s suggestions will favour your listing over others. We all know everyone almost always sorts items from lowest to highest price, and a low starting price will mean your item is nearer the top of the list.


Armed with these 7 tips, you’ll be able to turn your unwanted stuff into cash quickly and effortlessly. If you get the hang of creating successful listings, you might even be inspired to finally clear out that cupboard (we all have that cupboard) to make some money from the trash you’ve stored in there. You could even ask your family and friends for their clutter and start a small business selling on eBay, or you could head to local charity shops to pick up cheap items you think you can make a profit on. Selling on eBay is kind of addictive, but it’s also massively rewarding and an easy way to make money. Happy selling!

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