Breaking the restrictions of fashion rules

March 19, 2017
I’ve always believed that I couldn’t wear certain items of clothing: high neck tops, big bold patterns, loose fitting jeans. The list of clothing that won’t look good on my body is endless. Shopping, for me, is just going through the rail saying “this is pretty, but it won’t suit me” or “this will make my __ look bad” or “I love this, but I can’t pull it off with my figure”.

If you’ve ever googled fashion advice, you’ve no doubt found the “top 10 dos and don’ts” for your body type and size. As a barely over 5ft, slightly chubby female, there are many restrictions on what I can wear. I’m sure the same can be said for other body types.

I’m not against advice on what may or may not flatter your body type, but fashion rules take it beyond advice. They make women believe that they can only wear a certain type of clothing, a certain style or a certain cut, yet it’s never that simple. Just because a style doesn’t normally flatter your figure, doesn’t mean it will ALWAYS look awful.

I’ve always believed that jeans cut above my ankle will make my legs look shorter and wider than they already are. But today, for the first time, I wore ankle grazing jeans. My ankles were on display! And you know what, I felt good (albeit with cold ankles). It boosted my self esteem to wear something out of my comfort zone and feel confident in it. I loved it so much, I’m branching out into boyfriend jeans!

So, I encourage you to break the rules. Wear styles that “won’t flatter you” because you might just find that you love them.

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  1. I’m guilty of not wearing certain styles. I often see things on other people and think ‘ahh it wont look like that on me’. Slowly trying new things, I went for the ankle jeans the other day too! I really want to try Cullotes! x
    Sophia xx

    1. Yes, I do that too – I’ll really like a style that someone is wearing, but tell myself I’d look awful in it without trying it! Let me know if you give cullotes a try xx

  2. Yessssss girl! Happy to hear going out of your comfort zone gave you all the feel good vibes.
    I truly believe you can wear whatever the hell you want. I’ve been doing this for years along with my makeup, I genuinely do not give a hoot anymore of societal norms.

  3. I’ve never conformed to the does and don’ts for your body type. I’ve always been lucky in the way that I had a big confident when it comes to wearing different cloth or just wearing what I want when I want. Just go for it if you wanna try it and don’t mind what people say or may think :).
    Lea, xx

  4. So true! Even if things aren’t seen as being the “right” shape for your figure, if they make you feel good then you should wear them!

    1. Exactly! I’m definitely shifting to “how does this make me feel” rather than “how does this look” x

  5. Absolutely agree with you. When I was 15 I’d always wear baggy trousers with 3274023 pockets and army green tank top. Like everywhere. Every time. Every DAY. Because I thought that’s what suited me. Well it didn’t (as you could guess) and it was the biggest revelation in my life to date when I put on a lacey top. My whole life changed in that moment and I can still remember what it looked like and how it felt haha! x

    1. Haha, it’s so true though. Our clothes become almost like a comfort blanket, and we feel like we have to keep wearing the same stuff over and over, so it’s life changing when you decide you don’t want to wear that anymore – but I’m so pleased I’ve moved on from some of my teenage fashions hahaha! Thanks for reading my blog x

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