3 totally legal websites to get free images

March 15, 2017
So, you know you can’t just take images from google images (or anywhere else on the internet) and use them without permission, but you need a kicking photo for your next instagram update? Or facebook header? Or website? Well, I’m sharing my top 3 websites where you can find FREE photos and use them however you like and it’s 100% legal. On each website, I searched for ‘pesto’ and chose what I thought was the best image to give an example of what you can find on each site.


1. Unsplash

This is my favourite website to get free images. Unsplash has a great design and is easy to use, and the images are laid out really clearly so you can find what you want. The images are always professional quality and it has everything from nature to food to old cars.
Best for: professional quality pictures


2. Pixabay

The layout makes Pixabay super simple and easy to use, it has some great images and I’ve never been unable to find a photo I need. You can download images in 4 different sizes and save favourites. While Unsplash has only high quality images, Pixabay has more cartoon and graphic pictures.
Best for: illustrations and graphics


3. Morguefile

This website has a large collection of photos from amateur photographers. Most of the photos are less professional than on the other 2 websites, but you can still find some amazing images on here. Also, Morguefile is more likely to have niche images, so if you’re looking for a very specific photo, Morguefile might be the place to go.
Best for: amateur and specific images

And there you go, 3 brilliant websites to source free to use images. Before you download images from any website, read the terms of use to ensure you’re using the images legally. Some websites require credit to the website and/or photographer, while others require no credit at all, so make sure you know whether you need to give credit or not.

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