14 essential items for people who love to be cosy

March 14, 2017

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I absolutely adore being cosy. Snuggled up with a book and a blanket and a lovely cup of tea, what more is there to li​fe? I’m that person who gets into their pyjamas when they get home at 4.30pm and doesn’t get out of them until 1pm the next day. Oh, I love being a student! These are my top 14 items to give you a little extra comfort in your life, whether you’re at home or (unfortunately) outside.

1. Blanket

Absolute number one essential. Everyone needs a blanket – the fluffier, the better. I recently got a mermaid blanket and I am SO in love with it. You literally climb in it. No more toes peeking out the bottom and getting cold!

2. Fluffy socks

Having cold feet is the worst. I just cannot get comfy if my feet are cold. The beauty of fluffy socks is you can wear them indoors, but you can also wear them under boots and be cosy when you have to go out too!

3. Cute mug

To take cosy to the next level, grab a cup of tea or a hot chocolate in a cute mug. The best thing about this is, other people might even get the drink for you, so you can stay under your blanket! I adore this Vegetarians don’t eat their friends mug

4. Hot water bottle

Particularly useful in winter, a hot water bottle immediately warms you up and makes you happier. Plus, you can get some really nice designs of hot water bottle covers.

5. Cushions!

I may or may not have a slight cushion obsession. I feel like cushions are the perfect companion for any sofa, or bed or just room basically. They can be decorative, but also incredibly comfortable. Win win.

6. Comfy jumper

Another item you can take out the house with you, a comfy jumper is a must. I find oversized the best as you don’t feel restricted at all. A thick cardigan would also do the job brilliantly.

7. Pyjama set

There are so many cute pyjama sets! Honestly, if I could live in pyjamas, I would. They’re stylish yet comfortable, they always feel great and they could have cute owls on. What more could you want from an outfit?!

8. Scarf

Going outside? Staying inside? Who cares, wear a scarf. Not only does it keep you warm and make you feel snuggly, it’s a great accessory.

9. Gloves

Gloves are great. I always have a pair in my coat pocket just in case my fingers are cold. The ones I’m currently using are mittens with reindeers, which have a red gem sewn on as the nose. It’s not Christmas, but they’re cute so I don’t care.

10. Mug sleeve

If having a hot drink isn’t cosy enough for you or your mug isn’t particularly pretty, put a cosy sleeve on your mug. They come in really cute designs, or you could knit one yourself as they’re super easy to make.

11. Candles

Candles give great mood lighting and you can get a scented one to give a nice smell too. If you can’t be bothered with the real thing (or you live in student accommodation where they’re banned), you can get fake candles instead, which just look like real candles from a distance. No hazard, no problems. Personally, I love this Yankee candle that smells like vanilla cupcake – yummy smell for 0 calories.

12. Cuddly animal

Who doesn’t love a cuddly animal? Give him a name, treat him like it’s your own child, talk to him as if it can talk back, get super attached and then feel guilty when he “looks at you funny”. Am I the only one who does that?

13. Fairy lights

Another item to give great mood lighting, fairy lights just look perfect over a bed, or strung across a wall (just search fairy light on Pinterest, you’ll see what I mean). They’re super cheap too. Might as well just get some for every room of the house.

14. Sweet treat

Give yourself a little treat. Chocolate, strawberries, ice cream, yoghurt, whatever your favourite, treat yourself to a little bit while you light your candles, make your cup of tea and get under your blanket.

What are your favourite cosy items?

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